A role with roots in the community

The Council

Forecasts suggest that the population of the district could rise significantly over the next twenty years. It’s a reflection of the fact that Epping Forest District is a great place to live, learn, work and do business. But it will also offer a different type of challenge as to how the District Council meets the needs of our growing and changing local communities.

We are therefore focusing our strategy around three key objectives:

- Resources: as our local population changes, what additional resources do we need to cope with our changing requirements and expectations?
- Infrastructure: as our population grows, what additional services, facilities and support do we need?
- Delivery: as requirements change, how will we need to change our ways of working? Can we embrace technology more effectively?

  • Our three key objectives support our vision for sustainable growth. We recognise the need to expand services and infrastructure, to provide new homes and to help drive our local economy. Yet at the same time, we also want to retain the individual character, identity and separateness of our towns and villages by protecting the Green Belt. We want to grow – but we want to grow in our more sustainable locations, minimising the impact on our natural and historic environment.
  • In the same way, we want to expand our services and increase accessibility. And as we grow, we will explore every opportunity to reduce costs, drive greater efficiency and offer better value for money.
  • Structure and Values:

Epping Forest District Council has 58 elected members. Our culture is based on support, respect, openness and honesty, and our values are: Trust, Performance, One Team, Customer and Innovation.